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Bankruptcy is one of your options if you find yourself drowing in debt.

If you are experiencing financial problems, you probably have concerns about:

Creditors harassing you with phone calls and letters
Paying off one credit card with another
Your wages being garnished
Your home being foreclosed
Paying off your tax debt

Everyone needs help and good legal advice, especially in times of financial trouble. At the Law Offices of Robert L. Hultgrien we are here to help and we focus on consumer bankruptcy law. We know the federal bankruptcy code and have provided legal counsel to hundreds of clients. We represent clients in Orange and Los Angeles County California

Our Initial Counsultations are free or email us for a Free Bankruptcy Evaluation .

Don't wait if you are in serious financial trouble, Call us today at 714 412-2153 to schedule a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. 

Our goal is to make sure you understan your options before making important decisions on how to proceed. We will evaluation your specific situation and let you know if your debt can be discharged throught bankrupcy by filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.