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If you are struggling with debt, Bankruptcy is not your only option. You may have been told that bankruptcy is your only option for improving your financial situation. But not everyone needs to file for bankruptcy. There are other ways for consumers like yourself to reduce their debt without going through the bankruptcy process.

Our firm specializes in debt settlement and we offer individual help. Debt settlement allows borrowers to negotiate with their creditors so they can settle their debts at a reduced rate which they can afford. People interested in debt settlement should first meet with a knowledgeable law firm, like the Law Offices of Robert L. Hultgrien, before taking any action.

Benefits of Hiring a Debt Settlement Attorney

An attorney experienced in debt settlement can defend clients in court. We are also able to bring lawsuits against creditors who are violating your rights. Finally, lawyers are subject to heightened ethical standards and professional rules. This means we could be disciplined by the bar if we do not handle your case with the required due diligence and standard of care.

Did Creditors Violate Your Rights?

We will listen to your concerns and make sure you are aware of all your legal options. If creditors are violation your rights, you may be eligible to receive stator compensation. We are not afraid to sue creditors who violate your rights.

Our firm has helped numerous clients reduce their debt through debt negotiation and settlement. Our attorneys are available for questions and FREE CONSULTATION.

Explore your options for debt relief. Contact us today at 714 412-2153 or email us for a FREE CONSULTATION with a knowledgeable debt relief attorney.