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Divorce Court is no laughing matter.  If you are going throught a divorce you need a seasoned attorney who will fight for your rights and knows the law.  The Law Office of Robert L. Hultgrien helps people with issues ranging from divorce to child custody.  We can also help you with :

                             •Divorce Cases
                             •Child Custody
                             •Child Support
                             •Legal Separations
                             •Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
                             •Prenuptial Agreements

We consider ourselves to be true partners with our clients and their families, looking out for their legal needs in every way. We value the trust and confidence our clients place in us, trusting us for the many years to represent their families’ best interests. At our law firm, we are committed to providing personal service to each client. When you call on us, you speak directly with your lawyer, not to a paralegal or other staff member.  We serve you  in Orange and Los Angeles Counties  For a FREE CONSULTATION call us at 714 412-2153, or email us for an appointment.